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Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes – Your Wage Loss Gap

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Mistake #2: You agree with ICBC to an excessive reduction of your wage loss claim from Gross to Net

If you missed time from work due to your injuries, you likely have a wage loss claim. Depending on the kind of work you do, this can be simple or complicated. For example, a salaried employee vs. an hourly employee vs. a self-employed business owner or professional.

In a basic situation, ICBC will often claim that they are entitled to reduce your income loss claim by 30% to arrive at a net figure.

This reduction should usually be much less.

Why? The deduction depends on which tax bracket you would have otherwise fit into for that particular year. 30% is close to the highest tax bracket.


  1. Consider which bracket you actually fall into. Here is a link to the CRA site that will help: click here.
  2. Discuss the deduction rate that the ICBC adjuster is applying to your situation and how they arrived at their figure.
  3. Take an initial free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer, as this is often more complex.

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