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Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes – Tip of the Month #4

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Mistake #4: Your Doctor Does Not Examine You Regularly After Your Accident

It is extremely important that your doctor examine you fairly regularly during the initial period of significant pain, at least once per month (twice if possible).

If a significant injury is later discovered ie. rotator cuff tears, disc bulges, labral tears etc., then it can become difficult to obtain medical opinions connecting those injuries to the car accident. Your family doctor may not support the case if he/she feels they didn’t discover the injury earlier.  There is a medical presumption that the pain would have been severe enough to seek medical attention, which upon examination, would have been discovered or reported by the patient.

If you notice sharp, significant pains, especially the kind that radiate to different body parts (from your neck to your arms to your fingers, or from your back to your legs or to your toes) make sure it receives the right attention from your doctor and rehab professionals (physio, chiro, massage, kinesiologist). Also push for an xray, CT scan, and/or an MRI if necessary. These kinds of symptoms are neurological and require better investigation. It can often take a good heart-to-heart with your family doctor to get better investigations done.

Of course, seek legal help as this can get tricky and it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Perminder S. Tung.

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