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Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes – Tip of the Month #3

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Mistake #3: After Your ICBC Accident, You Are Examined At Different Walk-In Clinics

Try to find a family doctor.  The College of Physicians and Surgeon’s website maintains a list of clinics taking on new patients (click here).

If you can’t find one, then choose one doctor at a single walk-in clinic and only see that doctor for the life of your injury claim. Make sure this doctor is comfortable handling ICBC claims and the paperwork that might be involved. Check to see which shifts he/she works and work around their schedule.

Why? In ICBC cases, it becomes important to seek an opinion from the attending physician. If you have been seen by a series of different doctors, you may not be able to secure a full and proper opinion.  A further benefit is that your injuries will have the attention of one caring physician, rather than transient single visits with random doctors.

If you have already been by different doctors, this can get tricky and it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Perminder S. Tung.

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