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Tip of the Month #7


Mistake #7: What to do when a Friend, Relative, or Spouse Causes an Accident While You are a Passenger 

People are often concerned with advancing an ICBC injury claim when their spouse, friend or relative was driving the vehicle. They often don`t understand that they have a valid injury claim. Common situations include, a single vehicle accident where the driver, who is a friend or relative, ends up putting the car into a ditch or striking a pole – with no other vehicles involved. They are worried about things like increasing ICBC premiums and social pressures – “why are you hiring a lawyer to sue me?”.

These are misconceptions that need clarification or better understanding. 

Firstly, ICBC will reduce the claim rated discount in any event, as the vehicle repairs will be considered a claim on the insurance policy. 

Secondly, in reality, your claim for injury and damages is with ICBC under the applicable insurance policy.  As long as there are no insurance coverage issues, they are not personally at risk. 

Of course, seek legal help as this can get tricky and it is best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Perminder S. Tung.

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