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Tip of the Month – Do I have an ICBC case when I’m at fault?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: It depends on what you are talking about, so I will break the discussion into a few categories. The real question is whether you are seeking compensation for someone else’s negligence:

1) If you caused a motor vehicle accident, and are considered to be 100% at fault, then you are the cause of your own injuries. You cannot claim compensation for causing your own injuries.

Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes – Tip of the Month #10

Mistake #10: You Fail to Obtain a Work Capacity Evaluation

A Work Capacity Evaluation (also known as Functional Capacity Evaluation) can help prove your functional limitations at work and at home. 

ICBC will insist that you are able to return to full-time work or your finances may force you to return to work putting you at further risk of injury.  In these situations, this assessment can be invaluable in proving your claim. 

Top 10 ICBC Claim Mistakes – Tip of the Month #9

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Mistake #9: Hit and Run Claims – You Were Unable get the License Plate or Identity of the Driver of the Vehicle that Caused your Accident.

ICBC has very strict requirements for identifying the driver who caused your accident.  If these requirements are not met, your entire claim can be jeopardized. Hit and Run claims are complicated and you need advice – see past post for more information: click here.

Tip of the Month #8

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Mistake #8: You Don’ t Obtain the Household Help That You Need

If your doctor supports you and your inability to do some or all of your household chores and cleaning, ICBC is required to fund up to $145 per week for “household assistance”. 

Anything above and beyond that expense can be claimed as part of your further out of pocket expenses.